Things Not To Say – Part 3

Things Not To Say On A Cash Recovery CallOnce you have made sure your products and/or service have been delivered and all of the other terms and conditions that you agreed to have been performed, don’t beat around the bush on a recovery call.

You could be in for a long discussion if you open the dialogue to anything other than the debt. You have to make a lot of calls every day so be sure you get right to the point.

  • Never use certain words and phrases that detract from your professional image.
  • Never ask your customer to “Please send something on the account” because their “something” could be as little as a dollar when you need hundreds or thousands of dollars. Be specific about the amount that is due.
  • Never say, “I am sure there is some good reason why we have not heard from you.” Don’t set your customer up with a reason or a problem. Everyone has problems and you are going to hear enough of them without asking to.

Follow these pointers to keep your cash flowing where it belongs — in your business.

This is Part 3 of a 3 part series on Collection Calls.  Please see other posts on this subject here:

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