Prepare to Get Paid

prepare yourself to get paidA successful collection effort consists of a series of structured and professionally carried out steps. Yet even when you follow every step to the “T”, it’s inevitable that you run into a customer who doesn’t pay you on time.

One of the most effective things you can do is get on the phone and call them.  A phone call is direct in a way that adds urgency and immediacy to the situation thereby helping you get closer to getting paid.

When you are ready to contact your customer to request payment, the best way to be successful is to prepare.

  • Have the paperwork in front of you and know the account history.
  • Be professional. You delivered the goods and want payment. Do not make it personal and do not threaten.
  • Talk to the person who can pay the invoice. Be firm with those who try to screen your call.
  • Focus on the debt. Don’t get sidetracked with personal items. You are calling to collect money.
  • Be ready to accept a reasonable payment schedule.
  • Keep detailed notes of every collection call. They will be handy for your future contacts in case of being turned over to a recovery agency or litigation firm.
  • Note follow up date and time with contact information and keep those appointments.
  • Keep your call brief. Long conversations can indicate stalling tactics.
  • Get specific commitments for amounts to be paid and dates payment will be made.
  • Know when to place an account with a collection agency or start litigation, usually within 90 days.
  • Use agencies that are members of the American Collectors Association or the Commercial Collection Agency Section of the Commercial Law League of America.
  • Be careful of prejudging based upon the sound of someone’s voice.
  • Turn brush-offs into opportunities.
  • Clarify the fuzzy phrases.
  • Get commitments when addressing objections.
  • Summarize your understanding.
  • Get commitments on every call.

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