Pre-Legal Department Collection Calls

Pre-Legal Department collection calls are a secret tip to getting you paid!

35648155_lThe telephone is one of the most valuable weapons in today’s business arsenal. A phone call is 10-20 times more productive than sending out a bill. Good telephone skills can resolve unpaid accounts in a cost-effective way.

While the starting place for effective communication is listening, a Pre-Legal Department recovery specialist needs to be strong and clear with their communication as well. In addition, they must be able to take hostile, abusive or stressful telephone calls without fear of the customer’s response.

You may not be able to reach a large number of your customers by telephone so sometimes you will have to go into their voice mail.

And here lies the secret tip…because you are the Pre-Legal Department you have the ability to say this is an urgent legal matter. In your message, tell your customer to return their call to the Pre-Legal Department. This will have a tremendous effect on your customer. They don’t know if that means a hundred man legal staff or your strongest collector.

It is not a good idea to identify your company’s name on their voicemail, just simply leave your phone number. This normally will get a telephone response back simply because you said it was an urgent legal matter.

The percentages of phone calls returned with that blind message are much higher than if you were to just leave your name and the name of your company, which often solves the problem of not being able to get a hold of your customer; a top reason a lot of accounts are turned over to an outside collection agency.

For further reading on ways to immediately revitalize your company’s health and reduce the amount of accounts you turn over to third party collection agencies, please see our sister post on this subject, Designing and Implementing Your Pre-Legal Department.

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