Power of Silence

“Silence is the ultimate weapon of power.”   ~De Gaulle

If you’re like most people, silence drives you crazy.  When you’re talking with your customers and there is a brief lull in the discussion, it is natural to jump right in to fill it.  But, there is a tremendous amount of value in silence.

Let your customer do most of the talking. If you listen, they will usually tell you how to collect from them.

  • Ask a question
  • Keep silent
  • Very often, the first one who speaks loses

silenceThis may seem simple and easy. I assure you, it is anything but easy. Not only do we naturally like the sound of our own voices, but 10 seconds, and potentially more, of dead silence can be unnerving.

Do Not Panic…saying nothing can be far more effective than anything you might have said.

You’ll learn a whole lot about what’s going on in your customer’s organization, what their big challenges are and their perspective on the issues and solutions when you give them an opportunity to talk.

Try it on your next cash recovery call and see how difficult it is. Then try it with every customer and see how much of a difference it makes.

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