Personality Styles – Part 2

Personality Styles..The Behavioral Clues

Now that we know the importance of recognizing your customer’s personality style and how to determine theirs, we will outline the behavioral clues which will help you spot a personality type and the ways to best negotiate with each of them.

THE PROMOTER – Sales People, some Entrepreneurs (Mantra – “Are we having fun yet?”)

  • Are Animated, intuitive, lively
  • Are fast-paced, spontaneous
  • Make quick decisions
  • Have little regard for facts or details
  • Have a tendency to generalize, exaggerate

Tends to take charge?  Yes.
Tends to show their emotion?  Yes.

Negotiating with “The Promoter” – You will want to be entertaining and make the phone call a social event. The promoter will seek opinions and want to discuss dreams and ideas. It is best not to argue with the promoter; instead look for alternatives. Use story-telling to illustrate concepts and offer examples from other situations. Be sure to put your expectations in writing for your own protection as their memory can be selective.

THE RELATER – Some HR, Nurses, Teachers (Mantra – “How do you feel about…”)

  • Warm, reliable and supportive
  • Unassertive, compliant
  • Seek security, a sense of belonging
  • Decide before taking action
  • Concerned about what others think and harmony

Tends not to take charge?  No.
Tends to show their emotions? Yes.

Negotiating with “The Relater” – Best results will come from being interested in a relater as a person, not just a customer. Learn about their family and life outside of work. They will respond best if you listen actively and do not rush them through the process. There is not a need to be formal with this personality style. If you offer assurances and build trust, they will pay because they do not want to break rapport with you.

Behavioral Clues(The personality types in summary)

THE ANALYZER – Engineers, Computer types, some Accountants (Mantra – “Give me more facts!”)

  • Fact driven, detail-oriented
  • Can be slow at decision-making
  • Sometimes abrupt and unskilled in communication
  • Sometimes silent which may mean processing, not disinterested

Tends not to take charge? No.
Tends not to show emotions? No.

Negotiating with “The Analyzer “- An analyzer loves data; give them plenty of it. In addition to data, they appreciate when you offer them a lot of your time, within reason of course. It is not necessary to chit chat however, but do be prepared for lengthy conversations in minute detail. Be sure to put everything discussed in writing so they can review it.

THE DRIVER – Captains of Industry, Generals, “Ghengis Khan” (Mantra –  “What’s the bottom line?”)

  • Firm in relationships
  • Bottom-line driven, stubborn impatient and tough
  • High achievers, make things happen!
  • Excellent multi-taskers
  • Can become workaholics

Tends to take charge?  Yes.
Tends not to show their emotions? No.

Negotiating with “The Driver” – All a driver wants is the bottom line. You can forget social chit chat and explaining how you got to your conclusion. Although a driver likes to be given options so they feel as though they made the decision, you can expect their decisions to come quickly.

It is important to note that personality conflicts tend to occur most with “opposites” (e.g. the promoter/ the analyzer and the relater/the driver). However, once you are able to quickly identify the personality style of another, you will know the “hows” and “whys” of what to say to meet their needs. You can then begin to adjust your negotiation style and once they feel that you truly understand them, they will come up with the logical reasons to interact with you.

To negotiate with all of these different personality types, it is necessary to be able to adapt your behavior and be flexible in your approach. Everyone tapping into the secrets of relating to each individual personality type will communicate more effectively. Specifically, collectors armed with this knowledge will be much more successful; retaining and building customer relations, decreasing DSO, increasing their collection rates and cash flow!

This is Part 2 of a 2 part series on Personality Styles.  Please see other posts on this subject here:

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