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The four letter word you deserve to hear… PAID


The high cost of carrying aging receivables is a critical threat to profitability, however most businesses cannot devote the time and resources needed to manage the cost of carrying debt.

After all, it’s not about just making the sale; it’s about getting PAID after the sale. Dynamic Legal Recovery recognizes that a delinquent asset is a wasting asset. Not only are you deprived of your money, but with the passage of time your likelihood of collections decreases.

It is crucial to collect past due debt in the early stages of delinquency for highest net return. As your past due invoices age, the less they are worth and older debt is much less collectible as time passes, even if you use an outside source such as a collection agency/debt collection service. And unfortunately, they rapidly become less collectable as the calendar pages turn.

The U.S. Department of Commerce concluded that unresolved accounts receivables lose 10% of their value every month after 90 days. That is 2 1/2 % a week!

Our mission is unwavering — to provide you with superior solutions for quickly improving your cash flow while maintaining your image and customer retention throughout the world.

We wish to act as an extension of your credit department, enhancing your in-house collection process, while achieving the highest possible return on each account you place and conducting ourselves in a manner that allows our firm to systematically approach the negotiation process.

By assisting you in creating a custom accounts receivable management program at no charge, Dynamic Legal Recovery is a partner you can rely on to help you lower your DSO while significantly improving cash flow by enhancing, not replacing, your own collection department.


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