Terry Taylor, CEO of Dynamic Legal Recovery


“We invest in your past due receivables like you invest in your business”

Terry Taylor CEO Dynamic Legal Recovery

With 58 years’ experience resolving over 72,000 debts, DLR’s founder, Terry Taylor, is responsible for collecting close to one billion dollars owed to his clients.

Some might assume one could not manage that phenomenal feat while treating people with dignity, Mr. Taylor was instrumental in the founding and formation of the FDCPA with the philosophy of giving the debtor a fair chance so long as he paid his bills.

While not an attorney, Mr. Taylor is a graduate of Harvard School of Law Program on Negotiation for the sole purpose of helping people like you get the results they deserve.

Currently, he is a member of the Executive Committee of the CLLA (Western Division) and a registered financial consultant with the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants and is a Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living and is very active in Hospice work.

Experience you can count on… Knowledge you can trust!

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Chapter 2 – Providing the Best Structure for Cash Flow Recovery

  • As the largest credit grantors, the importance to businesses of creating a credit policy to their bottom line is tremendous. Gathering the right information from your customers reduces your gamble of loss and increases your odds of getting paid.

Chapter 10 – Keeping the Channels Open

  • How to get paid by slow-paying customers without having to use an outside collection agency with tips to making more effective collection calls in house.

Chapter 11 – Navigating the Trade-Wins

  • Every day we interact with the people we live and work with, yet they aren’t just interactions. Often, they are important negotiations that can dramatically impact your life and career.  Learn how the negotiation process can build and strengthen your relationships rather than undermine them.

Chapter 14 – The Secrets of Cash Flow Unveiled

  • Recognizing the advantages and disadvantages of specific personality styles can help you to effectively communicate better in every relationship you have; with your family members, especially teenagers, with your co-workers and with your customers.

Chapter 15 – And…A River Runs Through It

  • Designing and implementing your own Pre-Legal Department will radically reduce your DSO while restoring consistent cash flow to your bank account, as well as saving you thousands of dollars in collection fees.

You are in for a treat! In all of my forty years of being in the financial business, I have never met anyone quite like Terry Taylor. The experience of this man in the world of accounts receivable and collections management is virtual without equal. 

Terry has been able to take decades of experience in this arena and transfer it in an easy to read, step by step guide to establishing successful accounts receivable and collection systems. 

More importantly, he explains the steps necessary to approach customers that are not paying within the parameters established. This book outlines how to look at situations in a completely different light than normal “collection” department tactics. It is really about understanding people, knowing when they are telling the truth, and knowing when they aren’t. The techniques and training you are about to read will give you the tools to use in each and every negotiation that you engage in. 

Understanding people, their motivations, and their hidden agendas are crucial to getting your customer to prioritize your money owed and pay you first. 

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