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Our lives are filled with negotiating…with our bosses, with our workmates, with our life partners, and unfortunately, with people that owe us money. The goal of reducing conflict and getting what you want can seem like an impossible dream. As a graduate of Harvard School of Law Program on Negotiations, our CEO, Terry Taylor is committed to helping his clients get the results they deserve.

Effective negotiation is an art and a science that every negotiator at DLR has mastered, turning what seems as an impossible dream into a reality.
The negotiators at Dynamic legal Recovery understand that negotiation is a means of getting the best possible outcome for our client’s position and have therefore honed their skills well.

When crisis arise between our clients and their debtors, the negotiators at DLR implements the well-known BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement) strategy to overcome them, getting our clients PAID, even when others fail to.

Essentially, BATNA is the course of action that will be taken by a party if the current negotiations fail and an agreement cannot be reached.

Knowing our clients BATNA allows us to understand how much it will cost them if we fail to come to an agreement.

In contrast to a bottom line, a BATNA is not interested in the objectives of a negotiation, but rather to determine the course of action if an agreement is not reached within a certain time frame. Since BATNA is the alternative to what a negotiated agreement would be otherwise, it permits far greater flexibility and allows much more room for innovation than a predetermined bottom line.

Using this strategy, we don’t make the mistake of thinking that the aim of the negotiation is to make a deal. It usually isn’t. The aim of the negotiation is to make a deal that is better than our client’s BATNA.

  • We save you money by avoiding useless litigation
  • We overcome impasses by structuring creative options
  • We turn differences into mutual gain
  • We restore mutual trust and cooperation


While every negotiation situation is unique, our negotiators possess effective negotiation skills greatly improving your chances of walking away with better results more often.

What are some of the qualities that our master negotiators possess?

  • Awareness and adaptability – Different negotiation styles require different handling, and being aware of what we are up against allows us to respond with the most appropriate style, rather than being limited to a default one.
  • Patience – We know that sometimes barriers need to be broken down or trust needs to be built before one or other party is prepared to commit to a resolution, so it is important not to rush things.
  • Good communication skills, including listening – Effective communication is essential at building trust and rapport. In addition, understanding what is important to the other party is essential if the negotiation is to result in the ultimately ideal win-win situation.
  • Keen learners and observers – The more we learn about our counterparts and what they need or want, the better we are able to develop proposals and evaluate theirs.
  • Thick skin – Our smart negotiators never takes what’s said as a personal affront and have the skill to separate the people from the problems.
    Connecting through respect – Even when we don’t respect the oppositions stand, we disarm and connect with them by using principles of respect.
  • Knowledge of manipulative, hard-bargaining tactics – Quickly identified, we neutralize manipulative tactics and dirty tricks, such as take-it or leave-it offers, bluffing, lying, threats and warnings.
  • An ability to recognize and break down barriers – Effective negotiation demands that we recognize and understand the nature of the problems that stand in the way of resolution. Once a sticking point is known, we are able to detect the reasons for these barriers and train our attention to discover solutions and options to negate and neutralize them.

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