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Our Master Negotiators are Incomparable
Tenacious. Professional. Innovative.

Dynamic Legal Recovery’s expertise is sought after by leading companies around the world, in every major industry, while many of our commercial clients have continuously used our services for decades. We attribute this to providing first-rate customer service and our exemplary collection performance.

Our persuasiveness is immediate. We do not waste time with endless letters or phone calls from inexperienced collectors.

Each of our highly trained professional negotiators has over 10 years of debt resolution experience, along with a vast understanding of the collection industry. When performing collection activities, they comply with all state and federal regulations.In addition to knowing the laws that apply to your account, our team is IACC (International Association of Commercial Collectors Inc.) certified. These honed skills are utilized to stimulate the flow of money frozen on unpaid bills and to encourage your customers to pre-suit resolution…saving you time, money and resources in litigation.

Our recovery specialist understand the most effective debt collection methods and strategies and are effective listeners who listen aggressively. One of the quotes you will often hear in our office is, “you were born with one mouth and two ears; use them in those proportions”.

Armed with that focus, our team knows to ask deep and disclosing questions while making sure to listen very carefully to answers given by the opposition, with the intent to get the other party to disclose their own position and bargaining needs. Effective listening helps to make certain that our negotiators understand the issue at hand before responding or moving on to the next point.We also know the difference between passive versus aggressive tactics and opt to use assertive means of collecting your accounts whenever possible. Our team expresses themselves in a direct, honest, and appropriate manner that does not violate anyone’s rights in the process of demanding what we want and refusing what we don’t want for our clients.

With extensive databases, we obtain as much information about the people and businesses we will be negotiating with because we know gathering intelligence is crucial in seeing a picture of the other side so that we can assess their needs, motivations, and goals with respect to our own, ensuring that you receive the highest return on every dollar placed with us.

From the most customer-conscious environment to a demanding final approach, our staff of negotiators adapt to attain the goals of our clients. Depending on the unique circumstances of a particular case, we adjust our tactics and strategies accordingly.

INTEREST BASED NEGOTIATIONS: This method is utilized when there will be a continuing relationship between parties and an agreement satisfactory to both parties is desirable.

POWER BASED NEGOTIATIONS: This method is typically employed as a last resort, however, it is highly effective. This form of negotiating operated in a manner that is based upon pressures, assertions

Dynamic Legal Recovery’s aim is to preserve the relationship between creditor and debtor whenever possible. However, we are aware that this is not always attainable and are fully capable of handling your claim more aggressively, if warranted, by a debtor who is not cooperating toward resolution or continuing a relationship is not of interest to you.

With either approach, our goal is to always achieve the highest possible return for our clients.

Every client is unique. Every debt is not created equal.

Our collectors:

  • Have a positive self-image
  • Know the difference between assertive and aggressive attitudes
  • Understand the importance of setting goals and being prepared
  • Conduct themselves in a professional manner


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