Dynamic Legal Recovery’s Collection Agency is Now Bonded & Licensed for Commercial Collection Services in All 50 States

Dynamic Legal Recovery (DLR), a commercial collection agency certified by the International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc., is now bonded and licensed for commercial collections services in all 50 states.  Providing an unparalleled level of cutting-edge service internationally, this accomplishment offers its national clients financial safeguards and protection from potential lawsuits while maximizing recovery.

“Conducting the collection process in a lawful and respectful way is a top priority for DLR.”

“Conducting the collection process in a lawful and respectful way is a top priority for DLR,” says Terry Taylor, CEO of Dynamic Legal Recovery.  “In addition to our unwavering commitment to improving our client’s cash flow and getting their balances paid in full, we also recognize the critical importance of conducting ourselves in a way that allows them to maintain their reputations and the business relationships they have forged.  Being a legally compliant debt collection agency provides our clients the added security and safeguards they deserve.”

Terry Taylor is a graduate of Harvard School of Law Program on Negotiation, a highly regarded member of the Executive Committee of the CLLA (Western Division), and a registered financial consultant with the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants, as well as a Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living.

For more information regarding DLR’s capabilities, please visit http://www.dlrfirm.com/.

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