Dynamic Debt Collection Strategy

Dynamic Legal Recovery’s main objectives are to act as an extension of your credit department, to enhance your collection process, and to achieve the highest possible return on each account you place. We maintain continuous communication with our clients and work to resolve receivable concerns while preserving the positive relationships you have with your customers.Utilizing our proprietary collection system, Dynamic Legal Recovery produces a higher than expected rate of recovery. Giving you the service and attention you deserve, in addition to our ability to create urgency with debtors, is what separates us from our competition.

First, Dynamic Legal Recovery utilizes the world’s best proprietary database and business credit reporting companies giving us the data to locate and understand your client. This often means getting a solid understanding of the debtor’s business, current business prospects, working capital, secured debts, personal guarantees, etc. which is then used to get as much of your money as possible, as quickly as possible.

Unlike other agencies that rely on a letter series as their primary first contact, we campaign our accounts by phone.

Our highly-skilled account recovery specialists negotiate directly with the debtor or their attorney from the outset. It is often extremely challenging to get a debtor on the phone. However, we use databases to get CEO’s on the phone at home. Furthermore, we are persistent and relentless, when necessary.

We have found that simply demanding money typically does not work in collecting a debt. Our strategy to secure a collection is having a deep understanding of each debtor’s personal situation, strong phone contacts that are combined with “to the point” letters taking advantage of the particular law that is appropriate.

Our contemporary progressive technology platform and experience in helping small and large customers guarantees your quantifiable results. You benefit from a customized program that is all designed to improve your bottom line and reduce your daily sales outstanding (DSO).

Let Dynamic Legal Recovery and our professional team of collection professionals benefit you by handling your debt collection with state-of-the-industry resources and the know-how that only comes from experience.


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