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This entire presentation is designed to assist you in becoming more effective at recovering your money in-house.

  • NEGOTIATE THE HIGHEST PAYOUT – Increase your recovery rate from 2 out of 10 to 5 out of 10
  • COMMUNICATE MORE EFFECTIVELY – Learn the secrets of personality styles and how to really listen
  • DESIGN YOUR OWN PRE-LEGAL DEPARTMENT – Save thousands of dollars in collection fees
  • COLLECTION STRATEGIES – Compel your customers that are not paying with proven tactics to effectively and efficiently restore consistent cash flow back to your businesses

Learn how to become more effective and collect your own cash!

winningCEO of Dynamic Legal Recovery, Terry Taylor, Teaches Businesses How to Improve Cash Flow In A No Cost Or Obligation Webinar.

Terry Taylor, CEO of Dynamic Legal Recovery will teach webinar attendees how to dramatically improve your cash flow.


  • Faster cash flow
  • Keep your customers
  • Reduce your daily sales outstanding (DSO)

Imagine reducing your Daily Sales Outstanding (DSO) and the number of accounts your business turns over to a collection agency and/or collection law firm. Improve your company’s cash flow by watching this live webinar hosted by Terry Taylor, founder and CEO of Dynamic Legal Recovery.

Imagine being given preeminent solutions that would dramatically reduce the number of accounts you have to turn over to third parties and/or collection agencies.

  • The Secret of Cash Flow webinar empowers you with indispensable knowledge to assist your collection teams in recovering more past due accounts in-house, increasing profits and improving your business’ overall financial health.
  • The invaluable information provided in this FREE webinar are tactics to approach and compel customers that are not paying within agreed upon parameters, effectively and efficiently restoring consistent cash flow to businesses.
  • The Secrets of Cash Flow free webinar is a summary of Terry Taylor’s, CEO of Dynamic Legal Recovery, greatest cash recovery strategies and techniques compiled from graduating Harvard Law School’s Negotiation Program and resolving over 72,000 debts during his 54 years of experience in the collection industry.

In offering this powerful tool, it is my goal is to share wisdom acquired over decades of experience in an effort to empower business owners just like you in recovering thousands of dollars on your own. By sharing this system, I hope to enrich the quality of your business transactions and, should you desire, forge a lasting business relationship with the top-level service provided by Dynamic Legal Recovery. ~ Terry N. Taylor

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