Secrets of Cash Recovery lunch and webinar.

What if you could turn your collections into cash?

What if there was a way to learn the best trade secrets to make sure your receivables get received?

What if you had step by step rules and instructions?   

Well, now you do!                           winning


“Secrets of Cash Recovery” is the must-have guide for anyone who has an Accounts Receivable department.

  • Learn the secrets of how to setup your customers with clear rules in place to ensure you are paid.
  • Find out how high-powered firms get paid when clients appear to have no funds.  
  • Discover how to connect with your clients that don’t pay.
  • Recognize when it’s time to utilize a 3rd party service.

Terry Taylor, the author of this valuable guidebook, utilizes his 58 years in finance and collections to bring forth all you need to have a faster, steadier and easier flow of cash from your aging receivables.

Purchase, “Secrets of Cash Recovery” for $11.97 for you and your staff, and you will receive

  1. The E-Book, directly downloaded to your desktop or mobile device
  2. A 1hr Webinar unlocking Collection Secrets
  3. AND complimentary LUNCH for you and your collection team!


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