6 Reasons NOT to Use your Sales Force for Debt Collection

Sales ForceThe Salesperson’s job is to make sales. Having your sales team ask for money can kill their chances of making an additional sale with that customer.

Yet, many companies take the approach of using their sales force for collectors because of a belief that their sales force knows the customer best and can shame them into paying. In a few cases this works but in most it is unsuccessful and even costly for these reasons:

  1. Few salespersons are trained for collection work.
  2. The salesperson may have caused the delinquency.
  3. Collection work can detract from sales time.
  4. Salespersons may resent being asked to do collection work.
  5. The credit department’s action on an account can be unnecessarily delayed.
  6. The credit department is forced to coordinate its efforts with an unreachable sales staff that is often unreachable.

If your sales force’s personal relationship and knowledge of the internal workings of their customer’s organization will bring immediate payment, involve them.  However, if the process of collection does not require their participation, then we suggest that you do not invoke the option; preserving it for the right moment.


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