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Improve Your Cash Flow Now

It seems so simple, collect your receivables as fast as possible and slow down your payables without jeopardizing the relationships you have with your customers and suppliers. However, if you are struggling with this seemingly simple equation, you are not

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To Offer Credit or Not

Not all small businesses grant credit. They may make all their sales on a cash basis. However, like it or not, we live in a credit-driven society and in many cases, this costs them sales and customers. If a supplier

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Your Consumer Debtors Have Rights

It’s good customer service and in your best interest to have some knowledge of consumer rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, especially when you submit accounts to an outside collection agency. While you hope the account you’ve turned

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Turn Your Invoices Into Cash

Ever wish you could magically start getting your late paying customers paying on time? Or dream of getting checks by snapping your fingers from your delinquent accounts? Unfortunately there is no magic elixir that can ensure turning your invoices into

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Negotiate or Send To Collections

Your client hasn’t paid the invoice you sent them and it’s really late, so now what? The decision to negotiate with your customer or send the account to collections will often depend on your business. Occasionally, especially when a relationship is at

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Sending Accounts to Collections

It’s a good idea to have a collection policy in place so that when an account should go to collections you are prepared. If there is a firm date for writing the account off (whether it be 60 days, 90

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Managing Your Receivables

Cash flow is crucial for most companies of any type and size.  We’ve all have heard the saying, “cash is king”.   It’s true, for without cash flow, we would be unable to pay employees, other overhead expenses and acquire inventory

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