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Personality Styles – Part 1

Understanding Personality Styles…the Key to Effective Communication Understanding personality styles will quickly tell you how to speak their individual language which in turn will positively impact how you connect with them. Recognizing the advantages and disadvantages of specific personality styles

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Personality Styles – Part 2

Personality Styles..The Behavioral Clues Now that we know the importance of recognizing your customer’s personality style and how to determine theirs, we will outline the behavioral clues which will help you spot a personality type and the ways to best

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Three Strikes

THREE STRIKES AND YOU’RE OUT STRATEGY Here’s a secret — slow-paying customers rarely make their best offer first, and collectors who negotiate generally reap more net dollars on those unpaid invoices than those who don’t. Developing a more focused debt

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Things Not To Say – Part 3

Once you have made sure your products and/or service have been delivered and all of the other terms and conditions that you agreed to have been performed, don’t beat around the bush on a recovery call. You could be in

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Collection Call Openings – Part 1

There are few people that love making collection calls.  They take most people out of their comfort zone and can elicit fear of failure.  And rightly so.  A collection call handled badly can alienate your customers and cause friction between

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Successful Recovery Call – Part 2

Collection calls are critical when dealing with your accounts receivable and cash flow situations. A successful collection effort consists of a series of structured and professionally carried out steps. When you prepare to contact your customer to request payment of

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Get Organized

Get organized…get PAID! Some businesses have slow-paying customers or past due balances because they didn’t “train” their customers in the beginning. It’s important that your customers know your credit policy and/or terms of payment before they become customers. Reiteration of

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Cash Flow Solution

Cash flow is a measure of the money coming into your business in the form of profits and the money going out in bills and other debt obligations. While good cash flow keeps a business alive, poor cash flow can

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Negotiations – Part 6

CREATING A WIN/WIN “In A Negotiation, We Must Find A Solution That Pleases Everyone, Because No One Accepts That They MUST Lose And That The Other MUST Win. Both MUST Win.” ~Nabil N. Jamal Any negotiation ends in one of

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Negotiations – Part 5

THE NEGOTIATOR’S DILEMMA “Everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing.” ~Carrie Fisher Creating and claiming value are two of the most fundamental aspects of negotiation strategy that exist in tension with one another. The

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